Depolishing metal in a quick, effective and environmentally friendly way with fluidized bed technology

Thermal cleaning of production and machine parts

Why would you depolish metal or remove plastic or rubber residue of machine and production parts by means of chemical cleaning or aggressive sandblast techniques if there is another method? Thermal cleaning by means of fluidized bed technology is generally quicker, more environmentally friendly, more cost-efficient and also safer. Moreover, your machine parts are clean and ready for use in 60 to 90 minutes and in some cases after-care is not even necessary. Fluidized bed technology is definitely worth considering for depolishing metal and the optimization of industrial cleaning processes.

The fluidized bed principle in short

With thermal cleaning diverse types of organic dirt and coatings (e.g. polish, coatings and rubber) are being disintegrated at high temperatures. With fluidized beds that temperature usually goes up to 480 to 520 degrees Celsius. That is far higher than the sublimation point of the substances that must be removed, turning those substances into dust.

The fluidized bed technology combines that thermal cleaning by means of heating with controlled friction. By pumping air in the fluidized bed, the ultrafine crystallized sand will start whirling around. In that way even the smallest surfaces of the parts can be cleaned in a non-corrosive way.

Suitable for

  • Depolishing metal
  • Removing rubber residue
  • Plastic defilement
  • Plastic defilement

Some standard uses

  • Hooks in enamel installations, wrongly enamelled fabricates…
  • De-rubberizing for new coat
  • Cleaning of moulds, nozzles, heat exchangers, filters…

What does a fluidized bed look like?

A fluidized bed usually is a part of a combined system set-up. The production parts that need to be cleaned can for example be placed in the fluidized bed with an automatic loading system with baskets. Also for the exhaust of emission gasses we can provide an effective de-duster system (cyclone) by means of custom-made engineering. The possibilities are almost endless, because at CVNIndustries we build your installations entirely to your needs with adjusted add-ons.

Know more about depolishing metal or cleaning machine parts?

Thermal cleaning by means of pyrolysis is also an effective and environmentally friendly industrial cleaning method. We discuss in advance what technology is best for your application and for the calorific value or melting point of the parts that need to be cleaned. We can make a noncommittal appointment at a moment of your convenience.


  • Pyrolysis

    Persistent defilement, like baking residue, is being disintegrated at a high temperature in a thorough, environmentally friendly way of cleaning.