Environmentally friendly and money-saving industrial cleaning solutions

What if…?

At CVNIndustries we have been specializing for more than 25 years in clever industrial cleaning solutions for industrial, maritime and petrochemical uses. It is not a coincidence that we have therefore built an expertise in thermal cleaning by means of pyrolysis and fluidized beds and preventative bio film removal by means of ultrasonic technology. Many industrial cleaning processes to clean machine and production parts are still using chemical or electrostatic cleaning principles. But what if it can be done differently? Better, more time efficient and even more environmentally friendly with the same or even better quality without increasing maintenance costs? That is what our industrial cleaning engineers are concerned about every day.

“Optimizing industrial cleaning processes to save time and money,
with state of the art and environmentally friendly technology,
that’s what we at CVNIndustries are proving time and time again.”

A summary of our specialties

thermal cleaning by means of fluidized bed or pyrolysis cleaning ovens

preventative bio film removal by means of Harsonic® ultrasonic pipe protection

custom build and conversion of washbooths, add-ons

replacement parts, support and integration of Dinamec Fluid Clean machines

  • consultancy & cleaning optimization advice
  • internal training maintenance CVN machines
  • project coordination and/or implementation
  • on-site machine maintenance and repairs
  • sale and installation of new equipment
  • revision and integration of second hand installations

How do we make a difference at CVNIndustries?

In demanding production environments a partner with a specialized knowhow is very important, but also flexibility and service guarantees are probably significant for you. Therefore we do not want to deny you our interpretation of customer-oriented service:

  • more than 25 years of expertise regarding industrial cleaning solutions in-house
  • flexible service for minimal downtime, even outside the regular production hours
  • reachable 24/7 for remote technical support and advice or urgent on-site repairs
  • no unnecessary middlemen, but direct contact with technically trained employees
  • particular expertise in ecological cleaning techniques for correct optimization advice
  • multilingual production engineers and technicians are internationally employable
  • broad expertise in mechanics, hydraulics, electrotechnics and chemical reactions
  • all-round service from consultancy or complete project coordination to after-service
  • qualitative parts with CE mark only and safe work done by VCA certified technicians
  • CVNIndustries is Dinamec Fluid Clean OEM supplier for original replacement parts

What can we do for you?

A personal conversation is the best way to know if it clicks and to determine what value our expertise in industrial cleaning can have for your production processes. Do not hesitate to contact us to discuss your goals and our approach.