Maintenance of cleaning installations and repairs too

A very flexible maintenance service

For the maintenance of your industrial cleaning installations and for any repairs you can also count on CVNIndustries. Our service technicians come over both preventative and reactive for the needed repairs and maintenance works. That is possible both within and outside the normal production hours to limit expensive downtime to an absolute minimum. Moreover, for urgent repairs you can call our technical 24/7.

Maintenance cleaning installations

  • Preventative maintenance and/or check-up parts
  • Periodical adjustment of electrotechnical controls
  • Restorative maintenance of failures and defaults
  • Replacement of parts in case of wear or damage

What you want to know about our maintenance service

  • Flexible hours, even outside the traditional working hours
  • 24/7 technical support for urgent repairs
  • All our parts and machines have CE marking.
  • CVNIndustries is also an OEM supplier for Dinamec
  • Our service technicians are internationally employable
  • We follow your internal safety procedures and VCA
  • On demand or following flexible maintenance contracts

Need urgent technical support?

Is the continuity of your business process likely to suffer by a disturbance in your industrial cleaning installation? Call +32 486 96 56 50! Even outside the office hours we send a service technician to help you as soon as possible.


  • Dinamec Fluid Clean

    We are OEM supplier for Dinamec replacement parts. We also do periodical maintenance and repair of Dinamec installations.


  • Optimization advice

    Curious if your industrial cleaning processes can be faster, more effective and cost-efficient? We gladly think proactively along with you.