Industrial cleaning systems in the broadest sense of the word

Engineering solutions with the emphasis on solutions

At CVNIndustries we always look for complete solutions. No single machine sale, but complete system configurations and industrial cleaning systems entirely built, converted or customized to your needs.
If you want, you can get engineering consultancy from us, but we rather combine theoretical advice with the actual build of the machine. Especially the integration of existing and / or new components on existing industrial cleaning installations is our speciality. Indeed, you can also ask our engineers to extend existing cleaning installations, to adjust them or to integrate them in a renewed and optimized cleaning concept.

What can we do for your industrial cleaning systems?

At CVNIndustries engineering comprises everything before, after, on and around your cleaning machines. We can integrate the actual industrial cleaning devices, but also diverse add-ons and accessories into one smoothly functioning entity.

Also maintenance and repairs afterwards

You can not only count on our service for the actual machine construction or conversion. Also for periodical maintenance, calibrations and repairs afterwards you do not need to look for another partner. At CVNIndustries we provide a complete service starting from the concept to the technical support 24/7. We also provide training for your own service technicians.

First we talk, then we think and do

We are ready to get to work, but shall we first take a look at your current industrial cleaning systems, installations and protocols and find out if and how we can optimize them before we give you a tender?


  • Washbooths

    We customize your washing installation, convert your existing washbooth and integrate all sorts of useful add-ons and accessories.


  • Harsonic®

    By means of ultrasonic waves Harsonic technology protects installations from organic defilement such as bio film, algal growth and lime.