Prevent bio film and organic defilement with HARSONIC® technology

Prevention is better than cure

The best way to save money on maintenance is preventing defilement. Preventing bio film on water can for example save a lot of money on expensive maintenance work on water pipes in production environments.  The ultrasonic Harsonic® technology is an excellent way to do so. Your parts, installations and pipes are being protected by controlled sound vibrations against organic defilement and micro-organisms such as alga, bio film, lime, etc. In that way ultrasonic bio film and alga prevention is a safe and environmentally friendly alternative for chemical treatment of water and cleaning processes with acids. It is also an affordable alternative for electrostatic treatment.


How to prevent bio film by ultrasonic technology?

The Harsonic® principle is remarkably simple and yet surprisingly effective. Ultrasonic sound waves are being sent through the fluid medium. The frequency of those sound vibrations resonates against the cell walls of the organic defilers (e.g. alga, bacteria, lime…), which affects them and prevents them from growing.

The effects are especially remarkable on parts that are sensitive to bio film formation. By that means periodical maintenance to remove lime, alga or sediment is less frequently needed.

By preventing blockage and lime formation the filters and heat exchangers last considerably longer, which is evident in the purchase budget. It’s just a matter of adding two and two.

Suited for

  • metal, concrete and plastic pipes or double-walled components
  • every type of fluid can serve as a medium
  • preventing bio film and growth of organic defilers such as alga, sediment formation, and minerals

A couple of uses in practice

  • extending the life span of heat exchangers and reducing periodical maintenance
  • preventing growing medium bacteria in chicken farms
  • improving water quality and reducing odour nuisance by preventing the formation of bacteria (breweries, paper factories…)
  • avoiding alga formation on ship’s hulls or drainpipes

More advantages

Do not underestimate the advantages of this ultrasonic technology compared to traditional chemical or electrostatic cleaning:

  • preventative and permanent action
  • no downtime for cleaning processes
  • ecologically sound technique
  • safe for maintenance workers
  • no contamination with production substances
  • no risk of leakage of dangerous substances
  • useable in diverse production environments
  • less bacteria = less blockages = less filter replacements
  • less periodical maintenance needed = you gain time and save money

Sounds tempting?

Do you also want to save time and money on your maintenance budget and prevent bio film formation? Our CVNIndustries engineers drop by without obligations to explain this Harsonic® technology or our other cleaning solutions to you personally. Do not hesitate asking them for some references.


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