Optimizing existing industrial washing installations and new customized washbooths

Sometimes water and soap are enough

Do you have production parts that should best be cleaned the old fashioned way with warm water and some detergent? Or do you want to add an extra pre-treatment of follow-up treatment to your thermal cleaning processes? Then you can ask CVNIndustries to build adjusted industrial washing installations. Both the conceptual thinking as the actual machine construction and the final adjustment of your washbooth is being taking care of by our engineers. For the maintenance of your industrial washing installation you can also count on our service.

Let’s brainstorm first

At CVNIndustries you can order an industrial washbooth that is entirely customized to your company and your needs. Not only the construction, but also the conversion or extension of existing industrial washing installations can be entrusted onto us.

The installations always are custom-made, so we put your instructions and preferences into practice with creative technical solutions. It’s up to you to tell us what parts you want cleaning and what criteria are compelled and desired in doing so. In that way our engineers can proactively help you think to make your cleaning processes as cost-efficient and effective as possible. After all, the optimization of industrial cleaning processes and cleaning protocols is one of are specialities.

Endless possibilities

We can not only build the washbooth you need, but we can also include add-ons and combine configurations to make your maintenance and cleaning processes even more functional. After all, our machine builders have multidisciplinary expertise, which includes mechanics as well as hydraulics and electrotechnics.

  • Automatic or manual loading systems with baskets, bins, hoists…
  • Adjustable temperature, amount of water and amount of detergent
  • Automated drying systems such as blowers
  • Extension to existing pyrolysis oven or fluidized bed

Just what you are looking for?

Curious if your existing industrial washing installation can be quicker, more specific and more cost-efficient? Or maybe you do not have an adjusted washbooth yet? Do not hesitate to contact us for more information about our cleaning solutions, methods and prices.


  • Add-ons & accessories

    Installation of new and second hand cleaning installations, customization and conversion of existing industrial cleaning systems by CVNIndustries.


  • Harsonic®

    By means of ultrasonic waves Harsonic technology protects installations from organic defilement such as bio film, algal growth and lime.