Original Dinamec Fluid Clean parts and support

CVNIndustries is Dinamec Fluid Clean OEM supplier

If you are using an existing industrial cleaning installation of the brand Dinamec Fluid Clean CVNIndustries is also the cleaning specialist you need. Also in that field we have a lot of experience. We are OEM supplier for Dinamec and can therefore supply and place original Dinamic Fluid Clean parts, for the actual thermal cleaning installations and fluidized beds as well as for possible add-ons and accessories.

What does the Dinamec service comprise?

We have more than 25 years of experience with Dinamec Fluid Clean systems, so we have the expertise needed to answer all your questions regarding Dinamec Fluid Clean. Do not hesitate to contact us if you are in search of a professional partner for:

  • Supplying and/or installing original Dinamec Fluid Clean replacement parts
  • maintenance or repairs to Dinamec Fluid Clean cleaning installations
  • integrating Dinamec Fluid Clean cleaning systems in your system configuration

Another question regarding maintenance?

Because CVNIndustries does not work with one brand only, we can do maintenance and repairs to all kinds of installations. Therefore, there are no limits to our building and converting possibilities.


  • Maintenance & repairs

    CVNIndustries provides a flexible service for the maintenance of cleaning installations in industrial environments and 24/7 support for urgent repairs.


  • Optimization advice

    Curious if your industrial cleaning processes can be faster, more effective and cost-efficient? We gladly think proactively along with you.